Share Your Lake George Story with Captain Paul!

Have you experienced something unforgettable at Lake George? Whether it's a romantic sunset paddle, an exhilarating hiking adventure, a hilarious camping mishap, or simply a serene moment that took your breath away, Captain Paul wants to hear from you!
As I continue to capture the essence of Lake George through my photography, I'm excited to announce that my next project will include not just my stories and images, but yours as well.
This is a unique opportunity for your memories to be featured in an upcoming book, celebrating the diverse and personal connections so many of us have with this stunning locale.

How to Participate:

Submit Your Story: Write down your favorite Lake George experience, keeping the magic and emotion of your tale alive.
Include Photos if Available: While not mandatory, attaching photos that illustrate your story can enhance the visual impact.
Email your stories to along with any accompanying photos.
Please ensure your submissions are titled "My Lake George Story". Please use a Word format for submissions – no PDFs please.
This is your chance to see your Lake George memories in print, shared with others who love the lake just as much as you do. Whether your stories are touching, exhilarating, or downright funny, they all have a home in this new celebration of Lake George.

Here are some topics for personal stories about Lake George, NY:

Family Vacation Memories: Share stories about memorable family trips to Lake George, including activities like boating, fishing, or visiting local attractions.
Outdoor Adventures: Describe personal experiences hiking the surrounding Adirondack Mountains, camping by the lake, or exploring the area's natural beauty.
Historical Exploration: Recount visits to historical sites such as Fort William Henry, detailing the history and your personal impressions of these places.
Summer Fun: Narrate stories of summer activities like swimming, paddleboarding, or attending local events and festivals.
Romantic Getaways: Share tales of romantic weekends spent at lakeside cabins, enjoying sunsets, and dining at local restaurants.
Cultural Experiences: Discuss experiences attending performances at the Lake George Music Festival or exploring local art galleries and craft shops.
Seasonal Changes: Describe the beauty of Lake George across different seasons, from vibrant fall foliage to winter ice fishing or snowmobiling.
Wildlife Encounters: Talk about encounters with local wildlife, whether it's spotting bald eagles, deer, or other animals native to the area.
Water Adventures: Share stories of kayaking, canoeing, or taking a steamboat tour on the lake.
Personal Reflections: Reflect on how visiting Lake George has impacted you personally, whether it's through moments of tranquility, inspiration, or connection with nature.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to contribute to a collective narrative of Lake George, making our shared history richer and more vibrant. Send in your stories and let's make this book something truly special together!

All selected contributors will receive a FREE book and discounts on additional purchases.