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Captain Paul's Images and Impressions of Lake George

This coffee table book is both a visual ode and a personal journey through the landscapes of Lake George. Distinct from Captain Paul's previous works, this book adopts a uniquely unstructured approach. Each page stands alone, capturing singular moments through over 100 photographs accompanied by historical reflections and cherished memories. This format invites readers to engage with each image and narrative independently, allowing the inherent beauty
and emotional depth of Lake George to shine through unfiltered by sequence or expectation.
Designed to be a timeless tribute, this book is perfect for those who hold Lake George close to their hearts, offering a way to revisit treasured sites and experience emotional recall. Whether you're a longtime admirer of the lake or encountering its majesty for the first time, Captain Paul’s collection promises to inspire and captivate.

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Captain Paul's Contemporary Guide to Lake George, NY

What people are saying...

"I love it! It’s a must have if you are a boater on this lake."
~Laura D., Lake George NY

"I just finished reading it. I’ve been on the
lake for fifteen years and I learned a lot.
Thanks Captain Paul. Great book."
~ Brian E. , Niskayuna NY

"Great book. Lots of great info. You can use it to take a self-guided tour on the lake and know what you’re looking at.
~ John R., Hackettstown NJ

Enjoyed every word. Was GREAT! Many a chuckle."
~Joan T., Niskayuna NY

"This looks like a great Christmas gift."
~ Lowri R-O, Bernardsville NJ

"Captain Paul’s Contemporary Guide to Lake George, NY is a must have for anyone interested in quickly acquiring a tangible knowledge of the world’s most beautiful lake.
Paul has managed to successfully organize in a way that any tourist or boater can easily use the
book as their guide to enhance fun and recreation.
Friends and family can expect this fantastic book under their Christmas tree this season.
Thanks Captain Paul, for a job well done!"
~ Joseph C., Cleverdale on the Lake

A Boater's Handbook
to Touring on the Lake

This book is a current boater’s guide to over 120 locations that you see from the lake and includes:

- color photos

- maps marking locations

- descriptions of points of interest

- additional fun facts

- other stories identified as "Captain Paul Favorites"

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Note from the Author

Lake George has been a source of wonder and exploration for me since I was introduced to her over 50 years ago.  I have filmed, photographed, read about, boated on and dove under ever since.

One of my greatest joys is taking folks out on the water and sharing facts, stories and legends about the places and people who are part of her storied history. 

Over time, as my knowledge increased, I just couldn’t keep all the details straight, so I started writing it down.  As my notebook grew, I began thinking that maybe other people would like to have this collation for their boat tours or just some fun things about Lake George to share with others.

Early on, as my infatuation compelled my research, I soon discovered that there was lots of information, but no real maps to locate the points of interest I was reading about.   So I decided that my book would have descriptions, photos and corresponding numbered maps.

Captain Paul’s Contemporary Guide to Lake George is a more polished compilation of the crib notes I use to regale people when out on the lake.  I hope you find it a useful companion on the water or entertaining to read at your leisure.


Captain Paul

On the Lake - A Documentary about Lake George by Paul Rutherford

Captain Paul

"Lake George has been a source of wonder, relaxation and exploration for me since I was
introduced to her over 50 years ago. I have filmed, photographed, read about, boated on and
dove under ever since..."

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