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Into the Dragon's Teeth

Into the Dragon's Teeth

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Into the Dragon’s Teeth: 
Warriors Tales of the Battle of the Bulge 

Teenagers Richard Marowitz, Al Cohen and Doug Vink are about to be placed in harm's way. Barely old enough to shave, they will arrive in France as green replacements near the end of 1944, just days before being thrust into the middle of the largest wartime engagement in U.S. history - "The Battle of the Bulge". 

Authors Paul Rutherford and Dan Lynch have captured the stories of three World War II veterans as they faced the most ominous threat the free world has ever known - the war machine of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. With the battlefield as the canvas, here's an opportunity to get the inside picture of what life was really like from the view point of a frontline soldier. 

Into the Dragon's Teeth is a salient memoir of an epic time that shaped the lives of three young men and the generations that followed. It is a vanishing piece of history that should never be forgotten. 

What People Are Saying About "Into the Dragon's Teeth"

"Dan Lynch and Paul Rutherford tell the engaging story of three ordinary men who fought with extraordinary courage and grace under fire in the crucible of the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.  The compelling portraits of veterans Rich Marowitz, Al Cohen and Doug Vink leave no doubt as to why they represent what's been called the greatest generation.  Frightening, funny and illuminating, 'Into the Dragon's Teeth' is a page-turner whose memorable scenes linger in the reader's mind."
Paul Grondahl - Author of "I Rose like a Rocket - The Political Education of Theodore  Roosevelt"

"This is a gripping often painfully authentic retelling of our 'greatest generation' at war and returning.  Worth reading and reflecting upon"
Mario Cuomo, Former NYS Governor and author of "Why Lincolon Matters - Today More Than Ever"

"A riveting account of an epic battle by a master story teller."
- Bernard F. Conner, Best Selling Author - current book - "Tailspin: The Strange Case of Major Call"    
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